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IFESMez (Imprese, Finanza, Economia, Società nel Mezzogiorno) is a complex and detailed search tool, a database capable of recording data and connect to the heterogeneous nature of all societies (spa, Ltd., sas, sapa, ss, snc) operating in the South - in the first period of globalization - with indication of:

  • founding partners, shareholders, lenders, directors, presidents - signs accompanied by brief biographies where available;
  • formation, duration, registered office, any administrative office;
  • capital (with a specific percentage of foreign ownership);
  • budgets (the reclassified and analytical links to pages);
  • weekly share prices of equities and bonds (Stock Exchange of Naples and other foreign Stock Exchange particularly French);

detection of:

  • public funding (state funding, funding to local authorities, etc..);
  • Weekly stock prices of those securities (Stock Exchange of Naples and other stock exchanges abroad especially French);

chronological record of:

  • governments
  • local government
  • various public and private institutions of economic and relational (associations, educational institutions, etc.)
  • events of political, social, economic (and approval of laws, decrees, etc..), and private in nature (correspondence etc..)

all in order to make possible the identification of networking links operating in the economic South (interlocking directorates, the links between investment groups, political groups, trade associations, etc.) and duration / permanence / transformation of entrepreneurship into the fabric local, and, for all data, the archival source (or bibliographic) of origin.

This database is designed to allow the availability of data interrelabili on the fabric of southern society and economy, for the first period of globalization, but also wants to make it possible to enhance and maintain the historic nature of the papers which is spread on throughout Europe (Paris, Lyon, Roubaix, Brussels, London, Frankfurt), in which the South of Italy - always a "space of flows", for its geographical position - it was an important node of wider networks of global movement of goods, persons and capital, whenever the southern Mediterranean has acquired centrality in world political and economic balance. The start of construction of the database is possible thanks to funding the project FARO.